Al Hassan .. Official Spokesman for Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property

The Executive Chairmen of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Swailem, has appointed Mr. Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Hassan as General Manager of Information and Corporate Communications and official spokesman of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.

This step is intended to raise the level of communication, interaction and response to all questions about the Authority and the fields in which it operates, and to raise awareness of the regulations and procedures related to intellectual property.

The Spokesman will also contribute to answering local and foreign media inquiries and providing them with reliable information and statistics.
Al Hassan has a wide range of practical experience in the media, public relations and institutional communication sectors, where he worked in a number of government, private and tertiary sectors.

It is worth mentioning that this approach comes in implementation of the sovereign ordinance, which includes the need for Ministries, Authorities and government agencies to appoint spokespersons in its name to interact and communicate with the beneficiaries in particular and the community in general .

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