Creative Industries in the Kingdom Are Carefully Monitored by the Kingdom’s Government and Support the Vision

During the Kingdom’s participation in the first World Conference on Creative Economics in Bali
Al-Suwailem: Creative industries in the Kingdom are carefully monitored by the Kingdom’s government and support the vision.

Bali, Indonesia:

The first World Conference on Creative Economics was held in Bali from 6 to 8 November 2018. The Kingdom participated in a high-level delegation headed by Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Suwailem, Executive Chairman of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property and members of the delegation from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority, Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage and the Kingdom’s Embassy in the Republic of Indonesia.

The conference brings together representatives from governments, business people, think tanks, communities, international organizations, media and experts in the creative economy. The Forum discussed four key issues: social cohesion, regulation, marketing, ecosystems and innovative financing for the industry.

Al-Suwailem said ‘The creative industry is a global competition and the leadership of the Kingdom, God save it, is paying great attention to this growing economy. He added that modern technology has a global use that makes it a bridge for economic and cultural relations by providing equal opportunities for all regardless of age, sex, background and geographical location.

It is worth mentioning that the conference aims to promote the creative economy as a catalyst for communication and understanding that can serve as a bridge for economic and cultural relations.

Al Suwailem concluded by expressing his thanks and appreciation to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and to the organizers of the conference, praising the great efforts they are making to take care of and preserve the rights of creations.

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