Request for Public Consultations (Strasbourg Agreement)

Within the framework of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property’s operational strategy, the Authority is currently studying the extent of Saudi Arabia’s accession to a number of international intellectual property treaties.

Since the Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification (Strasbourg Agreement) is one of those treaties, which divides technology into eight sections with approximately 70,000 subdivisions. Member States are committed to the agreement to place the International Patent Classification (IPC) symbols on patent documents (published patent applications and patents granted) issued from them. The classification of patents is a necessary procedure for finding patent documents in the case of ‘prior art’ research. This is done by patent-issuing authorities, potential inventors, research and development units and others concerned with the application or development of technology.

The appropriate classification symbol is placed on patent documents, from which more than two million documents are issued annually in all countries of the world. The national or regional industrial property office which publishes the patent document chooses the appropriate classification symbol according to the technical field of the invention.

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property invites the esteemed public to express their opinion on the Strasbourg Agreement and submit the views or written comments in this regard before the end of Saturday 6/5/1440 H (12/1/2019), by sending them to the Authority’s mail Including the name of the person or organization providing the visuals. The Agreement texts can be found in Arabic and English and more comprehensive information about the agreement is available at:

Period remaining to submit views or written comments: Days remaining