SAIP Meets With the Three Bodies Concerned With the Intellectual Fields in the Kingdom

The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property organized a meeting with the three bodies concerned with intellectual property fields in the Kingdom, namely the Trademark Department, the Saudi Patent Office and the Copyright Management Department to introduce the role of the Authority and its current and future activities to protect intellectual property in the Kingdom.

The meeting witnessed the presentation of a visual presentation on the historical background of the Kingdom in the field of intellectual property starting from the issuance of the system of distinguishing marks in 1358 AH and its accession to the International Intellectual Property Organization in 1402H through the issuance of a number of related regulations such as copyright, To the decision of the Council of Ministers to establish the Saudi Organization for Intellectual Property and launch its strategy in conjunction with the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

The meeting concluded with a discussion between the Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property and the attendance of the three parties concerned with the intellectual property fields, focusing on the horizons and areas of future plans and working under one umbrella, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property. In addition to promoting IP according to best international practices and raising awareness and education on it in the region and the Middle East.

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